Friday, December 12, 2008

Your Self-Esteem dictates what you achieve

Have you looked in the mirror in the early morning and wondered why you achieve your goals with little effort while others struggle through life. You know what it is that allows you to achieve-Your Self-Esteem. Think about this: You are only as successful and happy as you want to be. You know you are actually in control of your life as long as you continue to think positive thoughts through each day. Continue to think along these thoughts:

I am one of Gods creations.
I can accomplish anything someone else can.
I deserve all that I desire.
I expect things to go well.
I show gratitude for my successes in life.

As you to build your self-esteem you will realize things really run smoothly when you expect them to. As you practice believing those small obstacles you encounter throughout life are there to guide you to continual success you will understand the importance of positive self-esteem. As you continue to take on the responsibility for your self you will begin to see that things really do go well for you in achieving success.

When you believe that you will achieve your goals, seamlessly, you will find that you receive the guidance you need to do so and will know the steps to take in the process and will be encouraged by the experience as things go well. Through each step in this process you will come to be happier which will support and increase your healthy self-esteem.

You will find that recognizing, showing gratitude for and celebrating each success, regardless of size, will open the door to more success.

Remember: look in the mirror and when you see the reflection of a shinning star--You have Self-Esteem.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pride is an emotion of accomplishments.

Self-esteem, what is it and how can you improve yours?
Dr. Nathaniel Branden, the father of the concept of self-esteem, has an expanded two-fold definition which he states as:
1. confidence in our ability to think and in our ability to cope with the basic challenges of life.
2. confidence in our right to be successful and happy, the feeling of being worthy, deserving, entitled to assert our needs and wants, achieve our values and enjoy the fruits of our efforts.

How can you improve your SELF-ESTEEM? As Dr. Branden mentioned of above confidence--self-esteem. Do you see the relationship? To start with, most sources of information on self-esteem focus on the symptoms of poor self-esteem and this bog and author wishes to view you as having high self-esteem and the desire to continue this journey from the point you are today. Thereby, to continue this journey one must immediately take steps in the following areas:
1. Forgive yourself for whatever issues you have done or imagined you have done.
2. Forgive others who have performed all kinds of unforgivable things to you.
3. Let go of Addictive pleasure seeking thoughts and behaviors such as:
a. Blaming other individuals or situations for your problems
b. Harmful anger
c. Laziness
d. Selfishness
e. Dishonesty
d. Other thoughts you have accumulated-- you know what they are.

Self-Esteem, Self-Respect, Confidence are so co-mingled that the end result will have such an effect on your attitude, belief, mindset, whatever you want to call them--radiates from you in an almost-tangible aura. When you have good Self-Esteem, the problems that life throws at you will seem so small and insignificant, you will easily overcome them.

Look in the mirror and when you see the reflection of a shinning star--You have Self-Esteem.

REMEMBER: Self-respect like self-esteem is an emotion of Pride which refers to a strong sense of joy in the accomplishment of one's self or a person or group.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pride is an emotion of accomplishments.

Pride is an emotion which can refer to a strong sense of self-esteem or self-respect. Look in the mirror what do you see-if you do not have self-esteem where are you heading this day. Along this same line we look at self-respect to which one must possess to endure each day as without self-respect for ones self there is no respect for others either.

Self-esteem encompasses such beliefs as "I am competent" I can complete this accomplishment and with great pride I have completed that accomplishment. Have you experienced this feeling lately, you know you have, when you look in the mirror and you see the reflection of a shinning star because your most recent project was accomplished--this time, your blog is operational.

Self-respect, like self-esteem, is an emotion of Pride which refers to a strong sense of joy in the accomplishment of one's self or a person or group.

The accomplishments could fall in the following categories:
Pride is being a part of AMERICA
Pride is being a part of EDUCATION
Pride is being a part of MYVMTeam
Pride is being a part of QALIAS
Pride is having the greatest Team leader COACH COBB

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